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And another thing I got was something like, "Instantiation of 'Build/WEBGL.json' terminated due to the failed compatibility check".

Fun, through. But there's one problem about the game, and it's that it freezes and crashes while I play.

It's fine.

And one more thing to tell you: when I get arrested by a warden for terrorism, what does it mean when the arresting officer says that the colours don't run?

Sorry Ultimo, but I have another thing to tell you: When I started playing one of your other games, Autobahn Bei Nacht while listening to that pretty cool soundtrack, it inspired me to travel to Germany.  And I may be still learning German, but does Autobahn Bei Nacht mean "Highway at Night"?

I don't know, but I've had the same problem with that level when I first started playing that puzzle game. On level 24, all you have to do is push the box without pushing it into any hole, or watch a walkthrough of that puzzle game. It works for me every time.

You mean level 24?

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Yes, it certainly is.

Oh, ok, got it.

One more thing to ask you: How do I reset all my progress in Interstate Drifter 2000?

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If you get stuck on a level, you could go on Youtube to search for the walkthrough of the puzzle platformer, RRGGBB to help you on a level you're stuck on. 

Liked the game, though. :) 

Does the picture on the right have five differences?

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Level 8: You'll need to move your yellow character and push the yellow box down passing the magenta box. Then, move your magenta character and push the red box to the right through the gap where the empty yellow space is. Finally, move your cyan character and push the blue box to the left through the other gap on the left where the empty magenta space is.

Oh, ok. I agree with b now.

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It might be c. It could also be due to the weight, could it?

Like the arrow puzzle game, though.

Also, do the purple squares mean teleporters?

Like the action game though. 

Since I saw that game on CoolMathGames, and other websites, did you upload it on them?

Like the puzzle platformer, though. :)

In each level what do the keys do after I collect them?


Are Big, Tall, and Small the names of the three characters in this puzzle platformer?

The colors of the characters in this puzzle platformer look a little different than the ones in CCMMYY.

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Like the bird action game, though. Since I saw that game on CoolMathGames, did you upload it on that website?

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It's there on that level to increase your character's hovering energy time in case when it drains out shortly.

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Also, since I saw that puzzle game on those two websites, Newgrounds, and CrazyGames, did you upload it on them?

Fun lava/water puzzle game though, but I'm not sure how to pass level 12. How do I keep the small gap from turning into a one-square wall in the middle where the numbers disappear to zero?

Even though you ran out of time, I still enjoyed the puzzle platformer, though. :)

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Also, besides the green bar, if the YELLOW bar is drained out, then does that mean that I have no control over my character or something?


Like the adventure game, though. :)

Also, since I saw that game on CoolMathGames, did you upload that on there?

Like the puzzle platformer, though. :)

Did you upload that game on CoolMathGames?

Like the puzzle platformer, though :)

Also, did you put that game on CoolMathGames?

Like the snake action game, through. :)

But what happens when my snake touches a RED snake while collecting crystals?

Like the puzzle game, through. :)

But if I shoot a skull block, would I start over or something?

Great, and fun block platformer, though. Besides the spikes, would the game also be over if a block falls on Bruce?

Oh, well I like that color through. :)

Oh, ok. Can some desks be different colors or something?

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Great, and fun puzzle-platformer, but I'm not sure how to complete level 3. I can get one character to go on the flag, but I can't seem get them both on the flags at the same time.