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Thanks for trying it!  I've beaten each level separately but I have NOT beat all of them in sequence recently (like, since enemies were added!) Adding in tile decorators -- fences or cambered edges to the 'hallways' -- was a feature that didn't make the cut but I might add in this week.  

The tricky thing to balance with, say, doubling the size of the blocks is that's equivalent to halving the speed of the car.  I think improving the controls and adding some affordances like those tile decorators would address some of the needless challenge.

Thanks for trying it!  Getting those keyboards working juuust right is super important if the gameplay's gonna work.  I'm trying to make a faster, easier English keyboard for the gamepad (as opposed to the usual one you see on Xbox/PS).  I thought about a vowel/consonant layout but I worried that it'd be more work to learn than what's in there (I call it the "rubber band" keyboard because your cursor snaps back to D or K)

One of the problems right now is it's too much to try all the different input modes at once...I should phase them in gradually.

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There will be bugs.   Please help me find them and fix them!

Simply let me know what and where you see Slashcards going wrong.  The more info you can give, the faster I can clean it up!

Outstanding bugs for 0.90:

* Monsters can spawn outside of level, taking their precious Slashcards with them

* Game can launch with black bars on either side of screen, blocking view (might be a DX11 issue)

Got an idea for a game mechanic, enemy, or multiplayer gametype?  Think the freeze bombs are too hard?  Want a specific kanji set? 

Let me know below and let's figure out what would make Slashcards awesome for everyone!