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After having gotten both endings (losing and winning), I just wanted to say I love this game. I loved the atmosphere that was present throughout the entire game, and I loved the game concept. Whether I won or lost, the endings were both great, with a really good winning ending. I love your games, and I think this one ties for my favorite with Carbon Steel. It was unlike most other games I have played before. The atmosphere and feelings it gave me reminded me a little bit of Inscryption, particularly Act 1, and Inscryption is one of my favorite games.

Thank you so much for providing us with this experience.



says "unable to parse..."

This was amazing,  can't wait for the full release.

Can I have the intro music (or outro), if possible a sort of "full?" version of the "better" ending music? I loved that piece.

Also the game is great.

if you want to adjust mouse sensitivity press tab button

If I want to play it again,  but I got "that" ending, is there a way for me to play it again? It keeps closing.

It says that it is hosted on an incompatible third-party website and is therefore unable to install.

I loved this. It felt like a dream. Everything felt separated from the rest of the world, and nothing quite made sense, which all made it feel so much like a dream one might have. I really hope you get the funding you need to continue the project, this deserves to make it. Best of luck to you.