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So Sunk changes the lives of many thru the power of christ. thanks for playing

I love to see cubes fall through the earth so this really does it for me

some may consider this stance a bit extreme but i think jump guy should ingest poison

Quick question when are you releasing the soundtrack

A hit arcade styled expirence where if you dont beehave your beesness on the planet will come to a close. You must collect a hive of points to beet the high score and make a hive of players admire your queen level skills.

Sonic Underground fans GET this mother fucker

i have formed a gambling addiction because of this game i will see you in court

Truely this makes you feel like you're a soldier in the textureless crate war while your enemies are beatboxxing outside the room

A lot of people might disagree but i think lemons should be able to vote

happy to take the award of "first game to punish french players"

this is the exact expirence i wanted people to have god bless you

the fuck is santby slawbs doing in space he does not belong up there

When the rats went EEEEEEeEeEeEeEEEEEEEEEE i really felt that

This really made me feel like the picture of tranquility. bless you

this really makes you feel like your ball dude and youre on an adventure

The bad news: we're all stuck inside a machine doomed to toil forever

the good news: we'rew all magento and the machine is his maze

A mind blowing look into the pitfalls of addiction, loss, and way too many fucking holes.

You can FEEL the struggle of the games protagonist with every button you push., Opening the door to those who struggle with their vices to be understood by more people than ever before.

You should be praised for your efforts on bringing this very human expirence to the masses.

A pretty good little starting point of a thing! if there are suggestions I have it'd probably be to add combat knocking things back a bit alongside giving the player some invuln frames.  Additionally for keyboard controls I'd suggest binding attacking to the mouse but I understand this was mostly designed for controller. Excited to see more of your work!

Despite it being unfinished in classic jam game style I do think its a pretty neat little take on the concept. Would actually be super intrested to see you expand upon it at some point.

Side note I fucking love how enemies slide around all over the place when you kill them.

A fun little rougelite thing! If you're open for suggestions though I'd suggest adding a little bit more feedback when you hit enemies and that climbing up ladders feels a little jank

A fun little platformer with pretty neat vibes and a fun little central gimmick.

If theres any suggestions I'd have it'd be some better signposting here and there and perhaps jumps being a tiny little less floaty? Big fan otherwise.

A decent little space invaders clone! Everything seems mechanically sound though it does run pretty slow on my computer and im not sure if thats just me or not?

Big fan of this! A pretty engrossing little short piece of fiction. Cackled at the "money off the table" bit.

If theres one suggestion I'd make its that being able to instantly make the next piece of text show up by left clicking? Some of the waits feel like a bit much but thats just my own personal taste.

Noted! Side note I love how the camera flying away when you die almost gives the effect of your player being yeeted off into the distance

I've absolutely wanted to see a single focused riff on this mechanic for awhile. A fun little short platformer. If you intend to iterate on this further may I suggest adding more to the sound scape(unless it being that barren is intentional) and adding something to set blocks you can fall through apart from regular ones.

Im glad to hear it! Short as hell flash games/etc are absolutely an inspiration so im glad to hear I hit that mark

A fun little thing. I am dumb as hell and it took me a fresh second to actually read the dang instructions and realize there was an inventory system lmao. My suggestions would be that its intially kinda hard to figure out what or where the railgun is. Often a smaller gun spawns near you and for the longest time i thought this was the gun you were supposed to be shooting planes down with(Im not actually sure what the purpose of the smaller gun is?)

A pretty fun little concept executed pretty well. Very impressive for the span of time it was developed in.

If there's anything I'd suggest it's a little more feedback for placing blocks. there also seems to be a bug where you can still get score by dragging blocks down into the playfield without placing them

The basic cocnept for gameplay is VERY intresting and I would love to see it expanded upon. if theres an issue I have its probably just that the gags at the start feel like they get a bit long in the tooth before you're allowed to play. Excited to see where you take this next!!

Thanks. I try. When are we getting married.

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Vitale married Lorraine McGrath in 1971. The couple have two daughters, Terri and Sherri, and five grandchildren. He is a fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers,, Lightning, and Rays

This is very much a game I'd hoped people would play with others looking over their shoulders at the nonsense occuring. Thanks for playing and watching!

The JRPG combat took months of work and mocap to get *JUST* right. Glad to hear it's being received well.

This is absolutely the reaction I was hoping to get out of people. Glad you enjoyed(???) it.