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for legal reasons we aren't at liberty to disclose, we had to make the PT game a standalone release. you can play it here! 

bro... ur not jesting?

thank you for your honesty Whoandwhy, all wishes are welcome

You Have Blessed Me With More Than I Can Protect. But I Shall Not Bite.

credit where credit is due,,, as always thank u queenfaith ('-')7

Awesome playthrough! thanks so much for checkin out our piece! if you liked the tone + you're a horror fan, you should watch the inspo: 

Terminal 69 is the next installment of the Terminal series, following our title Terminal 64. If you like Nintendo/copyright infringement, horror, novel game mechanics, surreal vibes - I'd definitely recommend checking it out when we release it!

thank you for playing! the piece is referencing a recent horror film both in aesthetic and mechanical interpretation. having the context of that movie might help in understanding the intent, but as a whole this can also be treated simply as a generative tonal piece.

thank you queenfaith <3 hope you enjoyed!!

added to the page! thank you for letting us know

this is so good I hate it

go to hell