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Gitlab Issue List: https://www.gitlab.com/Isleward/isleward/issues

Roadmap: https://trello.com/b/SCbg8ufY/iwd-roadmap

Thanks! Mod tools are coming in v0.1.11 probably (so 2 patches from now) and this will include this feature :p

You need to enable WebGL in your browser to fix that as well as hardware acceleration.

@playerName message

Working hard on moderator tools. But an ignore button is a good idea. Will add it sometime soon. 

v0.2.0 is the place where this is happening man!

Haha, of course! Looking forward to the day I can work on Isleward full time due to patronage!

This is usually due to being behind a proxy. To play, you can navigate to this url which will force the browser to use xhr-polling instead of websockets. It's a bit more laggy, but at least works.

Modified my previous comment.

Hi there! Thanks for the feedback. Isleward mostly 'caters' for people who are into classic (ascii) roguelikes and the like so this minimalist style is what we're going for.

That said, Isleward supports custom sprite packs so if anyone is interested, they're welcome to submit their own ones!

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Sorry about that. The executables are a bit hacky.

Maybe play in the browser for now? It's the exact same game.

Updated binaries can be found here: https://gitlab.com/vildravn/isleward-electron/tags

Probably on the 22nd. The Halloween event is coming! 

Are you referring to the linux executable? It's possible that it doesn't work on all distros. You could try the web client for now?

Just a simple description of the error will suffice along with what you did you get it.

Also, you can press F12 to access chrome devtools and check the console to see if there are any console errors.

Thank you in advance!