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Big T Hobbies

A member registered Feb 06, 2018

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fun with 2 players, I can only imagine the chaos 4 would bring muhahahah

We had a blast playing this.  Very well made game with both jump scares and creepiness.

Had a lot of fun playing this, well done indeed!

A fun beat'em up with a sense of humor?  This is the way to do it.

Short n sweet with a great atmosphere, definitely worth checking out.

Ohh I loved this game, it harkens back to a simpler time with no check high walls only death and mayhem for a relaxing time.

We both had a lot of fun playing this incredible little game, looking forward to the full release :)

Scoops of steak and whisked onion seems a lil odd but ends up being a fun lil game :)

Had a lot of fun pulling the kiddo around with the glowing ball of grooviness!

Fun filled game even if you're a normally happy happy dad, though you might become an Angry dad after some of the minigames RAAAAAR drink a beer!  

Loved the art, music, gameplay...actually I can't think of a bad thing to say about the game it's so much fun :)

A fun lil fantasy RPG that my daughter loved.

Fun little game, hope to see more of it in the future :)

Nice little throwback to the old point and click games

Love the sound effects, makes the action feel so much meatier.  Fun action, kinda creepy a good time all around.

Overall this game has potential and could be a lot of fun but somethings I would have liked to see are:

1. make usable items more visible,  maybe indicate what they are or what they do, even a quick screen saying "ammo" would be great.

2.  Have checkpoints or saves to avoid the frustration of starting over.

Fun game that plays well and yet different than a lot of the horror games out there

Awesomely creepy game, hope to see more from the devs!

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Loved the feel of this game, very creepy and lots of fun