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This comment made me smile Smileception! ;) XD 

Thank you :) Your the first to play it! Hahahaha you killed everyone!! I told you not to push the button XD XD 

OMG i love sheep! unfortunatly i am really bad at strategy games so a lot of sheep died :( but it was super fun to play :) Love the take on pacifits ending with me being in control of a bunch of sheep <3

OMG the bird thingy is really CUTE <3 and it shoots hearts...awww i am in love ;) Look great can't wait for more :D

didn't expect that to be that difficult (or its just me being bad at this carefull game style XD) ^_^ it fun to play though , although i am sooo tempted just to shoot everybdoy ^_^

Cool concept! I really think its a cleaver take on pacifist and enjoyablle to. see potention for updates to do more (more problems, maby even build simple stuff like a momument or something to keep countries happy) :) Cool game!

Its REALLY cool! I love the way the game shifts back and forware to histroy and present(?) anyway really cool job! Can't wait the see the final result!

Cool idea, plays smooth and super choice of music! Really gets the tansion going :D

NIce! Funny music and fun game, like the riddle ;)

Nice game! gets really though, dind't expect that :) Great work and have to admit gets quite adictive ^_^