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thanks for the reply, all the projects I have seen so far have this flaw, I will try to use timers

thank you!!!

Yes, that downward dash

Fun game! if you don’t mind me asking, I’m curious how the ground crash was accomplished

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I noticed that if I have an actor firing bullets with a wait, if I repeatedly press start the bullets are fired continuously without pause. I cannot solve this in any way. I have noticed the same problem in many games made with gb studio.

I see, too bad.

While working on my platform game, I noticed that there is a missing event to make enemies jump

I tried to upload a project of mine with the latest version, and it gives me problems too

hope this comes out soon gbstudio v3.2.0 compatible version

I can’t wait to try the update, I just hope the plutform plus plugin still works

The problem occurs with any dialogue or start menu

Super fun game, beautiful!

hello, I noticed while developing my game that if I have an actor emit a bullet and open and close any kind of menu the bullet is fired immediately afterwards, and if I do this repeatedly the actor will emit continuously without pause.

only GB and GBC games

fun game, and it is also beautiful to watch

the game is fantastic, beautiful the idea of the combact system, amazing!

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I am making an action platformer, but I noticed that when I put the pause menu, if the opponent launches a projectile when I remove the start menu in game the projectile is re-launched immediately. Even if I put and remove pause the opponent throws projectiles continuously for every time I start the game. is there any way to correct this?

I recently noticed that if I touch two solid collision actors at the same time I can go through them

cool plugin, it would be great if you could do hud for life and collectibles like in the gbc zeldas

I did some tests with enemies that shoot projectiles, and I noticed that if they shoot to the left, the mapping does not completely match the height of the enemy shooting i

I'll check right away. Thanks for the reply!

while I was creating my platform game, I noticed that at the change of scene the character has a frame change for an instant, I tried to see better while it happens, and when it happens it seems to change the jump frame quickly, to then put the character still , as it should be.

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personally I find it a little limited, however it remains an excellent tool