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excuse me sir there is a typo at the Description of the game:

On a routine mission to clear up an illegal research facility, members of team delta are ambushed and killed MY an unknown throng of aggressive mutants.

shouldn't it be BY not MY? anyways great game! :D

The game gives me this error:

Cannot read property 'getParameter' of undefined

When i try to play in the browser

The game is very good but it will be much better if it had an Options Menu to change the resolution. I got a very bad laptop so it would be appreciated!


you need to buy the color from the store, each tile requires one tile.

really fun and challenging... but i got only 0 points in 2 attempts

i played the game and i really liked the end! IT WAS AWESOME!!

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ok i understand but that'd be awesome if you help me! if you have discord add me Wolfie#7196

i joined your discord server

Ok thx for notifying me i will try it when i have the time

You're Welcome! :D

so there was a story! i felt like something was missing lol

i will play the update and i hope i understand because i never see games like these at all...

btw can you give me the source code? i know you'd be questioning why do i need it...
but i actually love making games and things like that but my laptop is so low on specs
so i make games with the cmd or the "command prompt"...

thx for helping i will try to run it on other devices, maybe it will work


i just finished the whole series but i don't understand anything at all...

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is this game still working? i just launch it from the app and it doesn't run.. please tell me why this happens.

oh nevermind i just launched it manually and it worked,
but i understand nothing.
i think when i continue the series i will understand! :D

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awesome game but would be better if you made a sequel of it with better graphics and more easy-to-read words, and you can make it even more better by making like a screen on a computer that drops words and a typing area, you can erase your typos and when done typing a word you press enter to submit... hope you can do it! :D

well thx for taking care of your reviews, here is my sepcs

Processor: Pentium Dual Core 1.86Ghz
Graphic Driver: Supports DirectX 11
OS: Windows 10 64x System

that's mostly what i know... i think 

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the downloadable version doesn't work if you can fix it please do it! when i launch it doesn't respond at all

and also the play in browser version doesn't work

here is the error: 

Uncaught RangeError: Start offset undefined is outside the bounds of the buffer
    at new Int8Array (<anonymous>)
    at updateGlobalBufferViews (41bb3b21-8553-443f-a91a-706ba5ff5eeb:8)
    at enlargeMemory (41bb3b21-8553-443f-a91a-706ba5ff5eeb:8)
    at Object._main (41bb3b21-8553-443f-a91a-706ba5ff5eeb:8)
    at Object.callMain (41bb3b21-8553-443f-a91a-706ba5ff5eeb:8)
    at doRun (41bb3b21-8553-443f-a91a-706ba5ff5eeb:8)
    at run (41bb3b21-8553-443f-a91a-706ba5ff5eeb:8)
    at runCaller (41bb3b21-8553-443f-a91a-706ba5ff5eeb:8)
    at Object.removeRunDependency (41bb3b21-8553-443f-a91a-706ba5ff5eeb:8)
    at processDataJob (UnityLoader.js:4)
    at i.callback (UnityLoader.js:3)

You're Welcome! :D

nice game keep up the good work :D!

Hello, I know you made this game only for a game jam but can you make a sequel or something that contains more ingredients and recipes for more fun.

And keep up the good work! :D

Okay thanks, i guess im gonna buy a new pc/laptop soon :) thanks for replying! :D

some people don't like steam....

is this game dead or something because no devs responded in the comments and the version is 0.1 so if you are currently working on an update please tell me

is this game dead or it still active?

Hello.. Can i know the minimum requirements for this game? and the recommended requirements.

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hello.. the game is awesome and everything but i have a low spec laptop, it got Intel Pentium 2 Dual Core and 3.00gb RAM and it's 64x Windows 10

Can You Please optimize it for low spec devices?

Good To Know!

Thx For Your Great Conent!

Thx For Responding!

yay! a pc and switch version coming!.. can't wait to try it out on switch

but when will it be released? if you have the answer pls tell.

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this game is so good but there is alot of things i dont like.. 

1. the ingots doesn't cook fast.

2. the customers are the same shape and face.

3. sword and axe and spear only doesn't make sense.. where is the bow or the great sword.

4. the game is over if the customer don't get their item in 60 sec.

5. there should be a war meter that tell if the enemy is winning or not.

Keep Up The Good Work!

this game looks very good but i don't like the idea of play in browser.. it might be good if it's on browser and downloadble too!

Keep Up The Good Work!

i am downloading it right now so i will now rate till i download it .. promise.

                    Cool Game

i didn't play the game i just wanted to try headings and strikethrough ...