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Remarkable! Some of the best 15 minutes I've spent on Really excellent use of tension (and release) (and... refreshment???)

Wow! Every bit of this game is so tightly cohesive in terms of narrative/mechanics/vibe. It's really impressive. And the music is a bop.

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Stumbling across this little game introduced me to PuzzleScript for the first time, and now I'm really enjoying playing with the program myself -- thanks for making this game as a practice nudge! (and I hope Mr. Smiley gets some more fiber in the future)

Feels like a quick dopamine dose of the NPC bluffing concepts from the old Assassin's Creed multiplayer matches, so cool

Oh! One of my absolute favorite poems. What a lovely interpretation to discover!

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This is such a great jam theme, especially because I:

1.) Have never participated in a game jam before

2.) Have never made a bitsy game before

3.) Have never tried to transcribe "Hotel California" into the bitsy music maker (which was dumb and fun)

Anyway, thanks belbeeno for hosting such a great space for our collective and earnest first tries

Here's a link to my launch devlog for TLBWO in case it's of interest, and I'm really looking forward to playing everyone else's games!

An excellent poem! And valid criticism. Next patch will include Gamified Snacking Systems and a perpetually-draining hunger bar.