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The silly 911 calls leading up to the very intense 911 call while unsettling stuff starts happening around the office was a very nice design. I was zoomed into the dispatcher screen so i didn't notice the Windigo (monster) on my first play through; until i turned around and looked back at the desk then BOO! Jump scare got me lol Can't wait to make my friends play this! Highly recommended well done! 

Love 2.0 keep em' coming! 

Enjoyed the game until the car mission really ruined it for me :/

What's the mask of zeronity? 

i looked at him then he ate my ass 

i thought this was a sexting chat room 

Shrek is my senpai he can eat my onions any day. 

couldnt unlock the door wouldnt let me use key :/

Really laggy and dark :( 

ghost were really sexy! 

Turned on my webcam while i was on the pooper! 

Hide and go anal! 

He punched my butthole 

It was sexy! 

Red is sexy 

she's so much faster and smarter now! Now she can stab my butthole twice as hard. 

keep getting stuck in crouch cant clean up all the strawberry jam in time! 

Needs bigger anime boobies! 

how am i going to jerk off with hands like these

It was short like my peepee 

im here cause jacksepticeye is sexy

The baby isnt the only one that needs a diaper change! 

Not my butthole itching finger!

Couldnt find anything sexy... i played with one hand while i picked my nose with the other one.

not very sexy... 

this game almost made me poop my pants! 

It was a bit edgy but also sexy!

everything is locked D;

it's locked

Didn't find my house in time so they touched my booty hole. 

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A bit stupid if you ask me