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she's my daughter, when I find games that are cute or baby based, like The Baby In Yellow, I bring her in to add to the cuteness lol, except this Game was also terrifying 馃槄 

Got The Smooch.. and the second smooch 馃榿 the veiny meat chamber was nice too 馃槀 5 stars I loved the game

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Love the Game, I mean it's Genius! Cute pumpkin man farming Simulator and a bunch of terrifying monsters lol, I died on the Deer I just wanted to pet it so bad.. not a good idea 

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That Jumpscare with the extremely tall lady got me with a passion.. great game lol I made this video allot longer than it needed to be 馃槀 I apologize for that

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Thank you! I really appreciate your kind words, and I'm excited to see what other Games you come out with, you are a very skilled Developer 馃榿 thank you so much

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Dude Great Job on this Terrifying Game lol I loved the Jumpscares, I think the worst was the first one with the little girl, 


thunder storms always give these games an extra Ambiance lol I have had plenty like that

I know its like i could imagine her outside. Just gave me the chills..

Actually very scary, really good Game i loved the story and the almost Dream like quality of this game, check out the video below for some funny reactions 

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Loved the game and gotta say both Jumpscares got me, check out this video for Funny Horror Game Content!

She did me wrong.. real wrong.. check out this video for some fun Anime Gaming Content! 

I loved this Game! Lol they say never meet your Celebritys.. well I geuss Patrick is one of those examples.. 

I Got Him!! I Got Him GOOD!! I really enjoyed this twist on FNAF and finally got to be in Freddys Shoes 馃槈 

I loved it lol really enjoyed the game play and the scary basement choices 馃榿

great game! And a great story! Good job my dude I really got into it

Yes!! I loved it, the Game was scary and im so ready to try the new one

This was a Brilliant concept! Trying to find the monster in Game and IRL perfect Jumpscares

thanks for creating 馃榿

Big words make my head hurt lol, very interesting Take on a very famous poem, I loved the Game play, 

Freaking scary bro! I already cant stand Mannequins let alone them following me 馃ゴ

This was a fun one 馃槀 and challenging

still freaking love Stevens and alina

man what a very strange Attic that was 馃槀 I enjoyed that 

This one got me.. got me pretty good 

An Absolutely awsome game as always, 

This was the cutest Penguin Christmas Game i have ever played 馃グ and the only Penguin Christmas Game 馃槀 perfect for my 5 days after christmas special!

truly enjoyed this! The graphics were peak!! 馃憣馃

And I Thought I was going to clap Santa's A##

proved me wrong.. in the right way

this game was perfect for my 5 days of Christmas special!! You guys should come check it out!

this Game was the perfect start for my 5 days of Christmas Special 馃槀馃槀 thank you for such an amazing game 

The story was awsome I love the mixture between Purgatory, 7 Deadly Sins, and its own curve to the Afterlife, excited to get all the endings! 

This Game was entertaining, I thought I was gonna get got lol actually scared me lol, it gave me some true adrenaline 馃榿

Thank you for creating :)

don't you hate that! it always creeps me out stuff like that, especially at night, gives me chills every time lol

Very good game! I loved the all the ladys in the dark 馃槀 it really was scary, I honestly got freaking terrified in the basement 

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I freaking loved it!! 馃槀 I can relate, I had to cut my grass at night one time, and it felt like there was someone hidden in the shadows trying to get me

Awsome Game lol really got me on that last jump scare, peiced together very well 馃榿 honestly I loved it

This game was awsome! I loved the graphics and the found footage storyline was executed perfectly!

I suggest buying the full game on steam!! I absolutely loved it! This is probably the scariest game I ever played