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What a creepy game this is.. Got all 3 endings!! Great Job 馃榿

loved this Game, and I gotta say.. I Did get scared!! Why you gotta do me like that 馃槀

Loved the Game very creepy and scary!! I would hate to have this dream though

no problem my bro!!

I love this game and my adorable evil little buddy, the updates are awsome, and I gotta say the Doctors Gift Compliments the Game very well

Bro this was a masterpiece, the poop killer so far is a hillarious series 

What the heck carl!! Lol i loved the game the ending got me pretty good lol

loved it lol who would known it was red..

Freaking beautiful 3d art and graphics

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I cannot believe how bad this game scared me 馃槀 loved it!

Just the lore in this game by itself is amazing!! What does the secret tape mean!?

The Graphics in thus game were absolutely amazing! I love the creepy vibes and the beauty of this game! Great Job!!

I loved the Game lol literally scared the complete crap out of me at 1 point.. great game

I loved the Game and the Lore, and some how stumbled across the secret tape my first try 馃槀 great job on this I love how she gets mad when I choose everything else before the right one

I freaking loved this game and this guy posted a really awsome playthrough 

I freaking loved the game, i didnt post a video because allot of other youtubers already have but this guy has a freaking wicked awsome playthrough of the Game

loved it again! And the new ending was great! Great Job TheThill! 

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I loved this game!! Lol this game was hillarious and very fun, great job with this one Awsome Game!! 

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I freaking loved it lol best game I played in a long time, it was hillarious and very well done, great job good sir!!

I freaking loved this game felt like the original with a very nice story, lol and terrifying! 

A very awsome game! Great job dude it was very creepy and the Backrooms touch was freaking great!! Gotta say though that ending about gave me a heart attack lol

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This game was so awsome!! 馃槀 very good, very funny, very challenging, and for some reason.. Freaking Scary! great job on this one friend!!

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this game was freaking awsome!! I'm so excited for your next games! And better yet there's more endings!? Playing again!!

I freaking loved this game!! Freaking Toilets Dude.. I knew one day this would happen.. I enjoyed this game great job Developer!!

thank you dude for creating!

thank you for creating and being an awsome developer!!

thank you for the like bro!!

I freaking loved this game!! Perfect mixture of disturbing scary and strangeality  Great Job!!

I freakin loved this game!! The updates are very awsome very very good quality, And freaking hillarious

I absolutely loved this game!! Great job and it was very scary! Very touchy subjects too

I absolutely loved this game!! Great job dude lol, my friend sent this to me on discord and I thought it would be a perfect match since I have an ongoing burning hatred for all toilets in horror games, it was perfect!! 馃槀 great Job my dude I'm excited for your next game 

no problem dude it was awsome!!

it's all good!! It was an awsome game with some very good Jumpscares, especially the last one 馃槺 I gotta say if I had that experience in real life that would probably be it for me 馃槀

That was pretty Scary my Friend, i gotta say those Jumpscares are very unsettling! I would hate to experience this!! it's the second game in this video,

This was awsome! Mr. Incredible becoming uncanny is already an unsettling meme but this takes it up 5 notches!! GREAT GAME! 

This game was so freaking awsome lol best Jumpscare i think I ever had!!

I absolutely loved this game, the way you made the character and the Ghost was really good, I'm excited for part 2 now 馃榿

That was freaking awsome!! I literally was so terrified at 1 point i thought i might need to change myself great job!!

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dude this was pretty good! Lol I loved the whole set up of it and I gotta say the ending got me

This game was hillarious, I absolutely loved every second of it, I will never Pee the same again..