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Bravo ,very lovely fantastic game !


Thanks for the tip,but I have another question ? Could you tell me just what to do in (LOST IN THE VALLEY), because when I get to watchtower after I have killed siren head with the train I can't know what to do when the man on the radio tells me to hide.. But where?? I've died about 50 times.This moment is too hard! You could just give me the hint of that moment. Thanks since ja !

Great game my friend ! Really cool horror game with cool grafic .

my gameplay as 5h00 to see  the real ending with the horloge ...

and the  the door with the hand loocker in a old mine.

but in the end  of my video ,next to the  factory train crash the siren head is getting too fast and get me all the time..the crypt is my next step in the part 3 !

Thanks for making this great fan game,bravo.

this  is one of my favorite game with slender men  Official game.


Only the frame rate and a minor bug of collision are .....

the rest is totally top !

Sorry for my english ,am Portugues.

good job !

Look for my part 1 and 2 in this link:

Really cool and enjoyable game. Love the continuation of the story. 

Good job Mr. timore from Portugal clue

Who a open the door to the saloon..AM stuck!Thanks for you help!

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MY gameplay in portuguese..enjoy,very great game!

This game is one of the best game a ever play this year!!Very good job for a small time!!

Really super short horror game..great job..

A hope your create a full game like this.

Great job!!!

link for chapter 1 please..thank you !!

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download link please!

Ok thanks .