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Thank you so much Pierre!

Thank you!

I liked your project. Its narrative made me play / read it like four times to see how it developed and what the endings were. Besides them, I liked the different nature of the options too.

I liked the concept of the project. I find the idea of changing the words, which leads to a general meaning change, interesting.

Hi, klmozden. Thanks for the tip to fix the size problem; I just did what you said and yes, now everything works right.

While I was writing it I was between “people will like the concept or people will hate the concept”, so I’m very glad you liked it. Also thank you for having read it and thank you for taking the time to write your comment and your opinion; I appreciate it very much and well, I also love to know what endings you reached, so thank you also for telling me; it's great to know what story did you experience.

Oh, thank you very much for telling me, I hadn't realized that was happening. I will check to correct it.

Yeah, I feel the same because all this, but we have to continue despite it. Likewise good luck with all your projects, your coding and your writing.