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I've seen a lot of positive reviews of this game, and I hate to be that guy. However, someone has to point out the GLARING flaw in this game. Its beautiful art style, simple and fun gameplay,  and super relaxing music make it far too addictive. I could hardly pull myself away to write this. So, be warned.

this...this is a good game, make more games, please.

The aesthetic looks top

How do I make enemies die?

this is such a cool little idea and the art style is super charming!

I struggle to find bad games with frogs

Replaying the demo today and there is one thing about the game i take issue with. its no deal-breaker, merely a minor gripe. the voice of the skeleton creature does not match its appearance. at least to me. there's way too much of a juxtaposition in my opinion. very solid demo in every other regard though, and I'm still looking forward to the finished product


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Really love the atmosphere. the look was really nice as well. Im looking forward to seeing whats to follow 

Aesthetically I love it already. I plan to download it as soon as I get home tonight. I'll write further feedback!

The Aesthetic alone sold me. Haven't gotten a chance to actually play it yet (browsing the site via phone on my lunch break), but it looks beautiful and the reviews have me hyped to try it out