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Great I Enjoyed IT.

Now This Was Some Real Horror I played your other game that was awesome too.

Love your content and Games.

I read the comments it crashes but i kept trying.


This Game is very very good in that size.

Far from what i expected.

Really enjoyed it.

I am actually Scare Because it was doing What i was doing with the door. Thanks For An amazing experience.

Great Work

I can't Belive you made this in 246mb . It is way better in graphics ,sound effects and playtime. Great Work

I enjoyed Playing

This Game Is So Good And Spooky. Scared Me many Time I loved It . And Will Play Full Game When It Comes.

This Game Scared me so bad. Great Horror Game. 

Really Nice Game Best Jumpscare

But IT crashed And I could not play .

I ENjoyed IT

This Is A very Good Game Actually Took i loved playing it. And Atmoshphere was really Awesome. Great Work.

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This is really a good game and actually scared me 2 time with jumpscares.I Loved The style .

Great Work 

Kiya Bhai 1712 Nahi Hua sab kar liya

Password bata the bhai Dimag pura kharch ho gaya 

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Hey Max I Am A subscriber of your youtube channel and also a fan. I love to play and watch indie horror games.This game is amazing i enjoyed playing .And this is a good indie horror game i thought it would be longer but it was an amazing experience.and also love your content on youtube.

I Enjoyed playing The game and i loved the Graphics and detail with gun and combact.Great one.

This Game good . I Enjoyed playing.It's better in such small size. 

Time for puzzle is so short my mind couldn't figure it out.

This Game Is Good I enjoyed Playing.But It is very dark which makes it hard.

This Game actually scared me so bad. Good Timing Of Jumpscare

i Enjoyed it. 

Wow,... Great Game And Jumpscare Got me so bad.

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Ahora no es privado.Este juego muestra mucho trabajo duro.
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Es bastante bueno. Es mucho mejor de lo que esperaba. Un juego que vale la pena jugar. Buenos gráficos, estilo único y Jumpscares. Buen trabajo


Good Game ...i Enjoyed it

Waiting For the next Game...I Loved It

Wow Man What A nice Game. It Felt Like Real.Great Work.

and Also A question why it killed security guard.A serial killer?

Nice Game..Great Work

Nice And Short.

A little Bit Longer Would Be great For demo

I AM Scared To Play

Short But Intresting

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Just A little Walkthrough

Great Work :)

This Is Actually Scary


Really Really Good..Pretty Similar to P.T ,, T.P

I Will Share The Footage On Youtube ...It was so Good A Real Horror

That's Why i Was Looking FOr an  ending

I Am Making Video so I am Stuck In The Room What to do after i tells you to quit the game.

Good Game
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Played the english version and made it to the Hotel but there was one problem a demon touched me after that i couldn't kill him spend all my ammo then i died. lol:) I Really Really Loved It...But my middle mouse button doesn't work.

Sure ...I couldn't Understand Cause of the language.