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Please check if this build works. If it does I'll upload to itch.

I see. I think the fix is to bundle librt as well along with everything else. I'll try to get that done within next week. Thanks again for reporting!

Try sudo chmod a+x /usr/share/textsuggest/textsuggest-server.

The install script should've done this automatically, I'll see why it didn't work. Thanks for reporting.

> Thanks for your answer ! Sadly i can't start the textsuggest-server as root but i think that's normal and it work great ! Thanks you for your time !

Yes, you should start it as the normal user, not root.

> Now i have another problem to use multiple language with --languge=

I'll try to fix the language problem too, thanks for telling me.

fixed in latest release (4.2.5), please try again

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Hi, thanks for using my tool.

I can reproduce the issue. Sorry, I'll fix it soon.