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It was a good experience, good mechanics and atmosphere, I had a lot of fun even if it was very challenging at the start.

It could be expanded further!

I had a lot of fun!

I really liked the new content, and the little guest at the end! :)

One of the best indie games I played for sure, I had lots of fun! I hope you continue to make games. :)

Simply great, one of the scariest games ever!Can't wait for your next game!

A couple of suggestions: add a key to skip dialog (you could also make the initial dialog a bit shorter) and refine the combat system, it's very difficult to hit enemies (I take the only available attack is with the tongue? ), also maybe add running to escape the enemies (make them stop following you if you are far enough). I couldn't play very long because of these problems.

It was... intense. Good atmosphere, nice story.

Very nice and cute!

Great game! 

Be aware of a major bug: it's possible to fall in the river, and it's impossible to get out.

Great game, I liked it a lot, very good story and details!

Hi, I found a game breaking bug (look around 6:45) and another harmless bug (around 8:00), nice spoopy game :)