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Gordon i would like to hello but we know how this is going to end lets cut to the fun part.

i 'think' its one of the chalenges in the abandon staball i have done all the qest but the was befor the enclave was a thing so im not 100%

1 the boss: miny nuke  and stare blaster gun thing
2 redeye: no more story but you keep the armor

lvl 34 i spend to much time playing

how do i fill the water skin

ok hear me out, mod support. is it a good idea?

why or why not.


robot owl you buy the parts the craft the bird, then you get a flying sword as a speel.

thx got it

give me a cryptic hint i like to find my self plz

spoilers for the armors i guess 

just beat it and i at a loses of words all but one armors and i can get everything else ez (by buying it or r.n.g find) but cant find the last armor set where could it be? random drop? rare trade by the merchant? ester egg for something? i would like to find out.