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loved it

Typo: "Of course, I could also check your hair or your skin, but the most consistent amount of keratin in humans is in the [humans (should be nails)].

Wacky, dude! 💎💎💎

Really liked this. Painted a great picture of the stresses and comittment of an average teacher. Thanks for making it!

v cute illustrations !

Very nicely written, and I loved the allegory parables. Well done

Great use of description, the battles are welcomed and challenging with a clear quest route to follow - nicely done, looking forward to updates! #TheBoisGang 👊🏽

Amazing, amazing, wow. Writing this as I complete the game at 1.38am, I'm left so fulfilled and smiling in the dark, staring at my screen. Bravo to you Sir Travis for the immensely immersive and well-written journey. I eagerly hope you take up projects in future which many more can enjoy. Thank you! is updated with Ch. 6 but here only has content up until Ch. 5? Thanks for the immersive game experience, great time playing 🙌🏽

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