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A member registered Nov 12, 2016

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A very enjoyable platformer, a bit shorter than the first game though. More polished, too.

Can't say I liked the "gather an air sack -> shoot it" mechanic. It made the game's pacing a little less hectic, but to me, the no-delay feathers shooting from the first game were more fun.

The enemies are fun to defeat, but some are placed in some really hard-to-avoid places, and their game logic stops executing when they become off-screen, which is a bit jarring, but that's part of the retro style, I think.

Also, the... change at the end was a very nice surprise, but I didn't figure out how to attack that boss... Is this possible? Should I collect more hearts perhaps? The boss is knocking me out into credits screens if touched by the hero.

Still, the game is very enjoyable, and I'm glad I got to play it on my hacked Vita using YoYo Loader :)

Enjoyed your game much on the Vita (Windows version through YoYo Loader).

A bit rough around the edges, but a very solid and enjoyable platformer. Would be better without needing to restart the game to avoid new game after death, and an actual pause menu.

Going to play the second part soon :)