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Thanks very much for playing and feeding back :)

Thanks for the reply dude - good luck in future projects/jams

Ah fair enough and thanks for the interesting explanation! It just added to the sense of 'out of control' so no bad thing

Like it - thanks for making it. My brain got very confused when having to press a key on the right to go left, I guess that was the intention. A mid-level checkpoint system might also have been good :)

Rocks :(

How about when you fire the launcher, the car experiences some recoil or changes course?

Cool game. Would have loved to see where you could take it next - power-ups, different enemy types etc

Nice idea but quite difficult! Agree with others, being able to hit stuff up in the air would have been pleasing :)

Nice idea. As others have said, the tutorial bit was cool but confusing - I nearly quit out before the game already began. Then there feels like there's quite a lot of waiting around (for the jump to happen) - maybe shorten the random duration? And finally I'd have pulled the counter down just above the player character to avoid always having to flick eyes up to the top of the screen. Otherwise good job, I like it

Nice idea but SUPER challenging. Would have been better if the difficulty had built a bit slower

Doesn't run on mac, despite being listed that it does

Doesn't have a mac version, despite it being listed as such.

Sorry but I'm not sure I got it. Only one hole ever surfaced (on the Z key?) for me - is that intentional? Then wasn't sure when the time ran out if I'd won or lost.

Sorry but I couldn't get the mac version working - no executable?

Nice little game and love the presentation. The twist is cool (I won't ruin it for others) but made the game really difficult for me and a bit frustrating. A slightly turned down version of what you're doing there might have worked better. Good job!

Sorry this didn't work out man - I'm having the same MacOS issues as previously reported

Not sure if I'm being a total cretin, but I couldn't get past the first screen - the command didn't work. I'm probably being dumb...

Really cool art - great job. Would love to see more of this game, it felt like it was over all too soon

Some cool ideas (many too smart for me)! I've never before cared whether a robot was blinking or not! :)

Hey - thanks friend, appreciate the feedback.

Good suggestion. Further to that, I think the top timeline has ended up feeling a bit redundant as you just don’t have time to keep an eye on it, and there’s no benefit to doing so.

Thanks to everyone who is viewing this page - please do give it a try :)