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A very cool, concept to a game. Would love to see this expanded.....

This was a good  game,  Somehow  managed to get the endings a weird order... Though it was very enjoyable experience.

This was a lot of fun to play. The concept kept me on the edge as I was paranoid to look around.. Well done 

This was Really entertaining, Well Done..

A Really cool concept, i love the Multiverse stuff... This was really good....

well that was definitely an experience. A nice little Horror game..

A Good starting point for something bigger, it was a little difficult to read the writings. Though all in all a decent start to a hopefully continued collectioon of games...

I don't want more, I need more. This was really good, the Creepiness was real... Well Done.

Welll done, this game really gives of the feeling that someone or something is going to come at you at any moment, a very uneasy feeling....

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This, i love this style of horror..  I'd love to see this made into a longer version, gave a real uneasy feeling.... Love it.. 

Hmmmm. Should have been more suspicious...

Really nicely designed... Your up first..

Checked out your game. A really nice concept, Really fun to play..

Just Checked out the Game, Thanks for the E-mail.. Had some real fun playing this game. I'm not usual into these types of games so this was a little different for me to play, Though i have to say well done. I thoroughly enjoyed playing, I just have two small critiques.

1. Inventory Space could be larger, or add in an upgrade to make it larger.....

2. Ambient Sound (Zombie groans in the distance, ambient space noise), It was just a little bit to quite most of the time..

other than that Well done it was a great Demo and can't wait to see where this goes in the future....

Just checked out the game, Got me a few times. Also I Learned to always follow the map... Great Job

Ok, You got me on this one......The Suspense leading up to that moment was really good...

I love this style and genre of gameplay, Really kept the creepy uneasy feeling going.. Great Job

Well Done, this was a really good little platformer.

Don't mind the Lag induced frustrations... Its My Computer...

A Nice Little Creepy Atmospheric game you got here...

This was a really cool and creepy game,. A Bunch of Lag, Though i Believe that is My Comp.. Otherwise the puzzles were really well put together...

All Good, It was fun to play, Also a cool twist on the Labrynth Style of game..

This Gave off a nice creepy, uneasy atmosphere.. A Great Little Experience.

I don't like it when it knows me... This was gave off such an uneasy feeling and i loved it....

Well..Well... Well Done, This really got my Heart Racing, Adrenaline going..

Ok this got me.. Lost the key from the vending machine, But after a restart it was fine. The rest was good and creepy. Great Work.

UUUUUH.. What? A Weird but creepy and cool Experience...

This sure got me......

A Really creepy Atmosphere was created here, Not Sure what Einstein was all about. But he became my campanion through this experience. 

It was Chucky, i wanted to play and now i question that choice.. Great Job..

Well, that was definately an experience. It truly messed with my mind, Well done

uuuum, ok that got me.. The overall look made this so much more creepy, Great work..

Great Atmospheric Creepiness, Jumpscares were well placed. The walking pace could have been a little quicker. A Great Creepy Experience all together though, Great Joob.

Great game, The atmosphere had me on edge. 

Well that was a Great Experience, The power grid was a cool concept.. 

A Beautiful walk through Memories, Great Job. Looks Amazing.

Well, Who knew feeding pigs would be soo........ Great game....

Well, Was not expecting that... Well done.

Ummm... What? Well done. I am Confused...

That was definitely a creepy one...Great job..

Love the Art style, The story was really well layed out. Really Enjoyed it..