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Beyond Infinity Games

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It shouldn't. We will check it out.

The sensitivity is changable from main menu and in game settings.

Hello. Who?

Bugs will be fixed in future updates.

We are glad you liked it. The bugs will be removed in future updates.

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We are happy that you liked it. We forgot to apply colliders on few objects. Menu buttons and other bugs will be fixed in next update.

We are happy to hear that you loved it :)


Just wanna say your art and level designing is amazing !!

We will add bots in next update :)

Its online multiplayer game.

Sorry game is under development therefore no AI is added in it. It was for my friends because they wanted to see environment. :)

AI will be added in beta release

Thanx for your feedback. :D Ameen.

Donate us if you like this game :)