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i'll gladly be his obedient pet hot damn 

boy did i love this story, the ro's r looking spicy but i alr know im falling for that smexy eldritch >.> anyway I can't wait for the next chapter! :)

omg i love yandere content! this is the first time I've stumbled upon a yandere IF, I can't wait for the next update ^^

AHH I'M SO EXITED  i just started but dang can I just say how much I LOVE the Arabic / Islamic influences you put in? Rahim? Azrael? the Moroccan-style rug? genuinely this is like the representation i feel I missed <3333 totally warms my Moroccan heart *MWAH* I love you I can't wait to finish this continuation of masterpiece!!!

hi there, i started playing the game (lovely by the way! I'm really enjoying it) but i've run into a problem: I cannot get back to the story once I go to one of the other tabs (bio, characters, relationships etc.)? I've made a screen recording (that I sadly can't upload along with this comment, so is there any way I can forward it to you?) to show you I literally cannot go back without restarting (because yes, I was stupid enough to not save anything yet)

love your work once again! quick random question though, do you happen to know the word count so far? it's just a hobby of mine to collect word counts of my fav literary works

come to think of it, the numbers introduced so far really remind me of some of my fav characters! zero: norman (tpn), one: bakugou (mha), three: satan(om!), five: near (dn). which absolutely makes me love it even more! <3

jeez Lin, i haven't even started the game but the intro & character options are SO intricate and well done!!! i love picking out every little detail, you've outdone yourself! seriously, i came here from sinners and saints but this pleasantly surprised me!

ahh !!! this is so cool omg i loved ur game and now u have a book?! love it

aghhh this is so good holy crap!!! i can't wait for chapter 2, i'm already so invested