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The newest version worked, thank you!!

I have tried to drag the new version into the Sideload tool, but it doesn't recognize it as a new version. Is there possibly some metadata that needs to be updated?

I absolutely love this game!! Now that I've finished it, I miss playing it regularly. What are the chances that you can add the soundtrack video that you all made as a mode to the game? I would LOVE to have the 1 bit visual from the video with the soundtrack playing in the background while I have my playdate open on my desk  :)

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I hope to see more from you in the future! The comedic bits were hilarious too, very funny :D

This game is fantastic!! I went into it expecting a unique experience, and it exceeded my expectations. I would love to see more updates with new screensavers over time! I will definitely be using these to play on my desk while I work.