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How do you get wood? I can't progress with KoboldP's story.

Which portraits should I use? Are the more detailed ones newer or the smaller ones

Where is the new public release?

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And I don't know if its fixed yet but on version 0.12 I got the skeleton princess and I equipped her with the shape changing weapon and somehow the effects also worked on Sir Knight so I'm a snake now and I can't change back lol. It changes back after I use the shield but then it reverts after I enter a new area.

*Edit* and I also sold the human princess to the brothel but whenever I try to buy her back my game crashes. 

If I buy the game will I get the updates whenever they come out?

And after I buy the full game will I keep my save files from the demo?

How do you download this game? Every time I download it comes out as a notepad... I've already downloaded the RPGV thingy.