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So I got neutral countries to 6 and they still fell to the card you can't block. 

Nevermind, I didn't die. I got a draw. 

What do you do about the cards that you can't block? I tried beefing up the neutral countries, but that does nothing. 

You got the OSS and MI6 confused with each other. 

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The game has crisp and clear graphics, and it is fun to play. 

However, about half the games or more, the AI will have this thing where I end my turn and then the AI gets stuck forever.

Skirmish doesn't have this problem. 

If knights charge from a lake, they kill the other unit sometimes, but they always die right after. 

Typo on the V-Raptor.

I like the crisp and clear graphics. Will be trying this with a friend of mine if I can help it. 


So half the locations are blocked in the demo version, is there a non-demo version where they are locked? 

Or is that part not finished yet? 

There is a repair shop owner who regularly films empty places around his location in New York that ask for huge piles of money that no one can pay, for what are basically tiny dumps.

He's struggled to find properties he's looked at, which are not vacant currently. 

After I got the brass knuckles, no more sound effects or damage. 

Games can run in Excel? That's crazy.

Just play Open RA then.

I'm really puzzled that people are seem very shocked and amazed by this after Dune 2000, which is very easy to obtain (Certainly if you use any of the fan remakes that use different software).

Also, this is newer than all the remakes of Dune 2000. 

Is the story better or something? 

I've played Dune 2 before and the interface was just.... Hard to use. 

Wow, this really is a different format!

BTW, I was inspired to boot up Jagged Alliance 2 and play it.

I noticed that in that game, enemies only drop like a magazine and rarely a whole gun.

In this game, units drop broken guns and those are at least worth like 30, and if they're like a Mini UZi, they're worth 200.

I'm also a fan of not having to constantly wonder how to get ammunition. Even on the worst days a bullet is like 5 dollars and a old pistol is worth 40 times as much. It's not worth managing the cost and supply of ammunition. 

I played only the latest version and 

"AIs skill has been improved very much. Opponents won't line up anymore and they don't escape to line up at the edge of the map."

That never happened to me. I think this is proof that the AI really was improved. 

I found the intro to be a mixture of charming, funny, and campy. The only problem is the music was almost louder than the person narrating and I didn't have any subtitles. I barely have any idea what was said to be honest.

Three times, one of my team members was interrupting and the game got stuck. It was never the main character, but always the second guy you meet. No idea why. 

Other than that, I haven't noticed anything weird or odd. 

Lowkey fan of the "WTF" people say when they see an enemy. 

I think the issue is money. Ukraine is very poor.

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I like this a lot so far, but I wish when it went full screen it was centered? 

I got a draw, it was really hard waiting so long between atrocity and media attention cards. They were my life blood. 

This is why you need to win all your battles before the USSR falls, that's what I learned. Once you do that, all the cards involving battles can't hurt you and you don't have to worry about scrambling for weapons. 

I had a marginal victory because I won all the battles, but was ran out of intelligence and was having a slow time with negotiations. I had global and domestic support, but I lost the peace-activists in the last two moves due to assassinations or something.

Hmm, haven't figured out how to win this game yet. Don't seem to draw any cards that let me to invade West Pakistan, and I keep losing men as they attack me.

However, I did liberate East Pakistan.

Maybe the solution is to get so much A?

This game is really interesting, because the hostile squares are backed by actual factions or demographics. 

The other ones usually do not have that mechanic.

The leader of the SA was gay, working class (Hated the rich and wanted a revolution, and was a veteran nationalist.

So it is entirely possible that the nationalists could've been won over from the Nazis towards a more moderate political faction.

The game allows you to have arrests and purges, which could target some nationalists and win over others. Healthcare would also win over people like the leader of the SA, as would dividing the communists and socialists. (The socialists refused to take orders from Moscow and had closer ties to Germany).

Purging the military while you are offending the upper classes, could also mean purging the upper-class interests from the military. These are all options.

Does it say how this gets moved to Roll20 or is that yet to be added?