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Well it has excellent sound design and mechanics such as the teacher slapping his ruler to indicate not only his speed but distance from you, a student that distracts you, a prefect that gives you a detention that can either screw you over or actually save you by teleporting you, this shows honestly that you can make a compelling and enjoyable game with just a good idea alone, that you don't need the graphics to make a game fun and popular.

Or he could of wanted to support a developer

All the features of the game were listed on its page, a video was even linked to its gameplay plus its a free game so you optionally gave that 50 cents so to what grounds would you expect a refund.

A little side comment, if you're so strapped for cash that you need your 50 cents back, why did you spend the 50 cents in the first place.

A fun little sim to mess with I actually ended up putting it on with my friends around and we had a good laugh at some of the things we opened.