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I love the game tho the art is so cute

It won't let me go back and change my appearance,,, I've deleted the game and redownloaded it and I didn't even save my progress but it refuses to let me restart the game,, I can't play when they're gonna address me as a girl 馃槶 I picked it just cuz she was prettier then regretted it but I can't go back 馃拃

this is the first horror game to make me yell

this is genuinely really scary I have never been scared  like this

HI LOL omg I wish I saw this sooner but tysm for replying thats cool and yeah Id like to know how come! the game was super fun I loved it the art was adorable as well

just had the absolute time of my life playing this game uncovering stuff was so fun and im so glad there was an available walkthrough to use because im slow and dont get things so it helped a ton also while trying to uncover the face of gars lover the little box at the front of the room wouldnt open i couldnt interact with it so I couldnt complete the game but it was super fun I loved sasha and the dead guy and the sister they were all super cool too bad they /spoilers btw/ all died