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I'm waiting for so long... I really like this game and have it downloaded since 2021... I remember that I used to play it when the name was spirit bound... I also wanted to support the game, but I am not subscribing to patron if the game won't update

Do you have some photo of the game? I want to buy but I have to see it before...

I really like this game man, there is only one thing bad about this... it ends quick! Do some new levels plzzz

loved this game

this game was so good to play! it deserves a place in playstore with more levels

that was a great experience

that game is so fun!! thank you!

you could add a score, I really love scores lol

I enjoyed it so much, its so good to play, so polished... good job doing this, hope that you get a high place in jam...

that was actually a good gameplay, but I think that the player can jump too high... you could skip a entire level with this. And was one time that I had falled across the map, you could add a Reset button.

Do you guys have a discord? If yes, I would love to join 😊

There is a patron where you can support they, also other peoples do it

Do you guys have a discord server? I would love to enter it

- - = +

This level tooks me a lot of time to some too

we need more, please

this game is so much fun... you could add some power ups around the cenario, like slow time, always 6, less enemies, enemies get slow down, a shield... you could add some skins or history, with this you could add this game in steam

this game incentives me to learn how to create games... thanks

There is only 1 bad point: it ends

3:32:844 is my best... i am so horrible in games lol

i realy loved the game, each level or character design.. is so polished and happy play it. i really am pleased, thank you, i wish i could suport you in patron :,)

btw my time was 4:37 and my speedrun was 1:45

This is the best visual novel I've played... I'm very excited for the next version, I'm a Brazilian player and the fact of having Portuguese language in the game it improved a lot from my experience!!! I can't wait for play more.