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check the devlog. It should be up and running. 

I've read all of your comments. Just got the Android build fixed with our programmer. Will make a post shortly. Thank you all for your patience. <3

The perverts at Steam spent too much time jerking off to my game instead of making sure the sex scenes were all good. Now we gotta wait another week or so. Can't say for sure when it'll be out, but it WILL be out. Thank you so, so much for your interest and patience. 

Duly noted. If that were the case, it would just be Suzy making the game and meeting Lina and the game would only be like 10 minutes.

But I'll see what I can do. 

Hello! I'm planning to increase it slightly, but it will stay in the upper 6k range. The estimated price is $19.99 for the full release.  

Looks really good! Looking forward to seeing more! ❤

I’ve been planning to make an Android build for DRU. Hopefully getting in Google Play. I’ll make another update once we get it made. 

looks like a lot of fun!

Looks like a lot of fun!

She’s cute. Berry cute. 

I’ll keep you updated👌


thank you so, so much for this! 

Thank you for making me aware of this issue. If you would still like to play through it, you can also find the full teaser on Newgrounds at It should work for all web browsers. 

Just for clarification, the sprites for Suzy and some of the sprites for Lina were completed before February. Other assets included the backgrounds and the first draft of the story itself was done beforehand too. Everything else from programming the assets and implementing the final draft of the dialogue to designing and creating the sprites for the remaining characters (Kayla, the rest of Lina's sprites, Noriko, and Chouko) was done during February. If you need clarification on anything else, please let me know. Thanks. 

Thanks a lot, I’m glad you enjoyed it! A lot of the adult content on Newgrounds (like this: was a big inspiration for making this. Looking forward to showing you more in the future! 

My apologies for the misunderstanding. I would try pressing that game file, but if you're having any further issues, my email ( or my discord tag (b e r r y#5464) would be the fastest way to reach me.

Oh no, you're good! I don't think you have to use the terminal, but when you get to the main menu, all you need to do is press the "New Game" button and it'll take you to the beginning of the game. Don't hesitate to ask me any other questions if you have any.

Stay safe!

Really loved it! Looking forward to more!

Understood. There should be a file called “DemonsRiseUpDEMO” or “Game” that will allow you to play it. 

When you open the game's ZIP folder, there should be an application that you can open called "DemonsRiseUpDEMO" that will allow you to run the game. Please message me back or email me at if you don't see it and I can send a new copy. Thanks!

Hi Impy! Thank you for the feedback and for checking this out. This is the first adult title I’ve ever made, so this all helps out a lot. Development has been going on since December, so there’s still a lot of work left to be done. Looking forward to showing off more in the future! 

It is! There’s Futa X Female and Futa x Futa involved. 

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It doesn’t right now, but a lot of the h-scenes that you’ll see with be group scenes in the full version, and there will be seven in total planned. I’ve included a list of all kinks and fetishes that you’ll find in the full version on this page. 

Frotting has been added. 

Thanks! Glad you could check it out. 

I appreciate it! <3 Development is still really early, but I'll make note of this. 

This is such a cool concept! Looking forward to seeing more in the future! 


Hello, Flare! Thank you for making me aware of this. I'll check back at the Windows build as soon as possible to see what the issues are. If you have any more information that you'd like to share with me, please let me know. My email address is  

Thank you so much! 

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I appreciate it, and same to you! If you ever get the chance, you can check her out on twitter under the handle @Erickiwi_art. You can also find her work on DeviantArt under the name LizBeat.  And if you ever need any backgrounds done, we highly recommend checking out Fuyu no Kawa on ArtStation (! 


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Thank you for reaching out about this and for your interest in the game! The entire story should take about 2.5 - 4 hours to finish, depending on how fast of a reader you are. And the entire story has exactly 25,350 words. Our main artist is @Erickiwi_art on Twitter.  She's the one who made the UI, sprites, cutscenes, and logos. You should check her out if you ever want a commission done. 


cool game👌