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Bermuda Incorporated

A member registered Apr 25, 2019

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it's not a big deal that it's short, I love the game, keep it up, cause it was great

Loved it, kinda hard, cause I speak English, so i had no idea what was going on, but other than that very cool, wish it was longer

also thanks, great game

how do you get the barrel?

I tried using the bucket to make more, but the bucket didn't do anything, also the  yew wood doesn't seem like it does anything, is it still in development

I think it would be cool if yu added torches, or lanters so you could see at night, and stairs, and a roof so you could build a taller house

oh, sorry, thanks

i really can't wait till this is done, best game ever, also if you're taking feedback, I think it would be cool if chell from portal was in it,(or waluigi lol) also if you had final smashes as an option, also I prefer the thing you do when the walls close in, very cool, I tried every character, keep it up

what is strg?

very cool

couldn't get it to work, then realised it wasn't a windows download, too bad, great game

(1 edit)

great game,  like how it is on the website, so I hope my computer can run it, but amazing consept

EDIT: sadly I don't think I can download this game

loved the game, wish it was longer

finally got the game to work (my bad btw, I didn't have the right unzip software) and it's amazing, it's just too cool, and very impressive, and the character model, and music when he's near is on point, the first time I saw him he scuttled past the cabinet I was hiding in, and I knew I was safe, but I had to cover my face because of how creepy it was, the jump scare is no where as scary as almost being found.