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Berk CAN

A member registered Jul 22, 2017

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Also I would be happy if you could share as project with a simple scene

dude you did something amazing and you share source code thank you a bunch Ive a question though every game I tried multiplayer lags so much even in same network is it normal can I do something about it?

Ooh you wrote this in description thats why I asked, thanks

You can use these models in the projects you want. However, you cannot use the models for commercial purposes.

dude those are amazing what should we do in order to be able to use them in commercial projects?

thank you so much for giving amazing assets for free

your work is something else, and you give it for free thank you so much, appreciate it

thanks for free content appreciate it

man, these assets are gold they are treasure thanks so much for the effort

Amazing idea that's brilliant IMO really this game easily gets out of control without need of you coding anything fishy in particular xD

thank you, very much appreciated

looks cool but cannot play with keyboard, I can jump but cannot move at all can you please write down control mapping to description

I thank you so much for enabling it

How to download it ?