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Is there any chance of being able to purchase the early access release here or at GOG?

I played the demo and loved it. :)

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Flight might make it too easy to traverse and if it is not something you were considering than there are other options.

You could expand on the jump mechanic and have a grab function to hang on to the side of a building and/ or a hover function. And then use that to jump higher. It would make any ascension efforts more rewarding than just flying there to. You could also add more jump platforms for those buildings. Right now you either have nothing to jump on or clip through some of the textures of the taller buildings.

Any of these mechanics-Hover, Flight, Grab, could have a limited use fuel meter that needs to replenish over time. Insuring that the player just cant hit fly and then access everything all at once. Or just spam Hover-jump their way across the map. Giving all these mechanics some balance.

Regarding story, I am curious why this boy has access to this mech when it seems no one else does. Is the mech an ancient technology he found and repaired? Is it sentient? I look for ancient world mysteries in these kind of stories/ games. Almost a hint of magic and ancient civilizations. So to speak.

It would be interesting to see more done with it. Hopefully there is enough player interest to make it worth while to do and it is something you would be interested in pursuing.

I felt my self at the edge of the world;
peering over the rim into a fathomless chaos of eternal night.
Love Craft.

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All I ask is that you give the mech a flight ability so I can get to the top of this tower. ;) You have some very nice vertical design here and it is a shame that it cant be explored. On and maybe a sprint option. Very nicely done for a 10 day game jam event. I would love to see this proof of concept demo become a full fledged game one day. :)

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I just played the demo and I love it. I wish there was a way to support your project other than Patreon. I would be more than happy to drop some money on Dread Delusion here for the Early Access. I am just not a fan of Patreon like recurring payments. 

Just out of curiosity does supporting you on Patreon get you the full game upon release?

Either way I will be grabbing this title when it releases. it is that good. 


RoA is an excellent classic inspired game. If you love the old school games like the original Ultimas you will love RoA. It delivers on that classic RPG feel while at the same time offering some modern QoL features such as stream lined inventory management and it is unique in pushing the capabilities of classic Texas Instrument computers (TI-99/4a).

RoA runs on the classic99 emulator and is configured by default. No set up is necessary and the binary auto runs the emulator with the game. It also runs on Linux and can be played with other emulators such as MAME (with some tweaking) if that is your preference.

The community around the game is solid for any help needed. :)

100 percent recommended.

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Peripeteia is a gem in the making. I expect good things from it in the future. It feels like the 1     city block game model Warren Spector uses when acting as creative director for games.

This comes to no surprise as the developers of Peripeteia take direct inspiration from the level design of System Shock 1 and 2, Deus Ex, etc.
However, they have added their own creative twist and expanded on the rare niche set of games that has been coined "immersive sims."

Well done. I am looking forward to the games final release. :)

Slayer Shock community · Created a new topic Steam Key

I just bought Slayer Shock, Eldritch, and Neon Struct during the recent sale. All three games list they come with the Steam key but there is none at the download page.
I previously bought these games at Steam but decided to buy them here to gift the Steam keys to a friend. Is there anyway to get them?


Sorry. i just saw your reply. I have since uninstalled the game. I can reinstall it and try again. If it gets the same results I will upload the file. 

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I am getting the same error for the GOTY edition. I am using US/ English fonts.  Edit. I just tried it with out the modernizer file added and I still get the error.

Just grabbed it on Steam. thanks

The game looks great but I see there is only a demo available here. Can you make the full game available here for PC? It is at Kongregate for 3.99 for PC. I would happily pay that for it here.