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I love this game so much. It is so much fun. So entertaining and interesting. However, I am trying to figure out how to host a local game so I can play with my bro. And I keep getting Socket operation not permitted. Any ideas how to fix this?

This is a very very fun game. So enjoyable and fun to play. It definatly deserves to make its way to steam. However, one thing that confuses me is how to play with friend in Local Multiplayer, I was not able to get two computers to play with eachother on the same Wifi. Please give me some insight on this. Overall this game is amazing and wonderful. I hope more is added to the game as it would make it even more fun.

This game is amazing and freaky. I am still figuring out the mechanics of it all. This game, has huge potential. It already is fun as heck. I can't help but notice that the zombies take similarity's to the Zombies in I Am Legend. Very fun game, keep up the amazing work.