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Recent community posts SCREENSHOT OF FAIL UNZIP . (I hope it helps) Maybe its something on my end ? 

Thats what ive done as well, ive downloaded it and unzipped it but when it gets to the end of unzipping it and  it cant be completed for some reason ill share a screenshot for you. I gotta try to download it again tho.

Ah ok  np :) I found ur game cuz Jacksepticeye played it .That must feel real good that he played ur game :D I loved him vid so I wanted to make my own vid :) Thanks anyways 

i would really love to try the game but ive tried to download it 6 times and it gets to the end of the process and gets stuck and says it cant be read or no permissions or file cant be found or something always goes wrong .What can i do to maybe fix it ?

thanks :)

i suggested on another comment that maybe we can check our emails on tuesdays and see if we got any other messages here. so next tuesday ill check again and ill so my best to remember . and if yall got steam account . add me my name is Misslighting and let me knw ur from here:)jsut an idea ! ttyl ! keep on gaming !

sorry for taking forever to respond do u have steam account ?and to anyone else as well ? if so my name on steam is Misslighting aka LovleyB17..maybe we can plan a date to meet here so ill give it a go and say to all are welcome and well maybe if we wish to play this game , say on tuesdays we can check our emails for responses here ? u knw? so on tuesdays ill check my email :) just an idea . ttyl

ill play let me know hwo we can do this :)

Needs bots.. If anyone wants to play let me know :) maybe we can start a playerbase ttyl

Needs bots.. If anyone wants to play let me know :) maybe we can start a playerbase ttyl