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Is there supposed to be no sound

Thanks for the reply. I did like it actually, I just thought maybe something wasn't working right when regardless of which choice I made at the end, both just made the credits roll and bring up the main screen afterwards. 

But assuming that was what you intended (had I not gotten an answer), I would have been left thinking 'i guess choices don't always matter, as life goes on either way'.

Last question, did you draw any influence from the missing Malasya flight, or was that just coincidence?

Last sidenote, I fully expected Cheshire to end up being a remote player, possibly the missing girl or a friend. Like the whole time MC assumed it was just an NPC. 

Anyway, good story, will check out more of your stuff. Any recommendations?


Is that ending for real? The story was good, but it just ended so abrupt, it almost felt broken.  I'll try a playthrough one more time and see if i can't get something different, cause why would there be a choice if it's the same outcome either way.

Hooray! I'll post a link here once i finish em'.  It looks like it'll be 2 weeks from now cause i'm making a friend record it with me because she needs to see the series and i don't wanna do 97% female characters with my man voice. 50% i can live with, atleast i'll have tried.

Anyway thank you so much for part 5, and thank you for releasing part 6 relatively soon cause i know we're not just gonna leave that double-cliffhanger like that for another year~<3

Does Nami have anything against LPing her content?  I wanted to do the whole treat series and a couple others that tie into this like Syrup and HTWML, but i'm kinda new to it(my channel is tiny) and wanted to be sure


I'm also having the same issue.  I hit download, it begins to download, but just as it's about to begin downloading it just starts back over. Or rather, it's under the finished downloads tab, but clicking install begins to install, but it then immediately stops.  I'm able to click  install and repeat this cycle about every two seconds.  I've tried downloading/installing a couple other games, and yours is the only one doing it to me.  I seem to remember having this issue with some other itch game in the past, but can't remember what or what i did to fix it, or if i just never got whatever it was. :(  I really wanted to play it thru itch, but it looks like it can be found elsewhere on the web if i can't get it to work here

Are you playing fullscreen?

Play it in fullscreen.  In the devnotes it says if the mouse finds it way out of the game's boarder clicking on stuff gets screwy.  Or if you object to FS just do not under any circumstances move the mouse outside the window. Also i think you have to left click on them if my first explanation isn't the problem your having.

Why? Because it's adorable!!