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Fascinating and surreal game, it really captures a certain vibe that only RPG Maker games seem to be able to pull off. Very sorry to hear about your hard drive situation, hopefully things will look up for you in the future.

Is something meant to happen after you escape via following the white light? For me the game closes after a command prompt window.

Stop and smell the roses as they say. Cute game.

Great work as always. Good to see you in

Very creative game, it's always nice to see developers getting experimental.

A trojan was detected within the game's files. I understanding that this is likely a false positive but I will refrain from playing until it's fixed.

well-rested and ready for an awesome weekend!!!

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very nice. i've been playing your games for the past few days, there's a very charming quality to them

the wheel was a little unwheeldy unwieldy but other than that it was a cool experience. "art games" that feature actual gameplay are always a nice surprise

very cool game. i'm one of those weird people who actually like first-person platforming, so seeing it done so well here was a treat. i also very much appreciate the lack of a pixel filter that's so prevalent in these lo-fi style games. is hatch similar to this? i'd love to play a full game based on this concept

this is what it's like to astral project

Hello, I just completed Firework. It was a great game with a lovely twist at the end. While playing, I noticed a few grammatical errors, and while I can't remember the exact lines I do remember the errors:

When you're about to fight the second boss he says something along the lines of "Defective ones like you really makes me furious". The "makes" should be "make"

I can't remember the line but it's while you're speaking with the boss trio after defeating all three of them. The error occurs while speaking to the girl, she says "catched up" in her line and it should be "caught up"

I'm not sure if there is an actually an error here or I'm misremembering but at the end while speaking with the final boss "strength" is misspelled as "strenght"

Aside from those I have some suggestions that might help gameplay:

When acquiring your first item from a boss, add a tutorial message showing how to swap between items. When I received the shield from the first boss, I assumed it was some sort of passive and I didn't have to equip it. Speaking of the shield, I also never figured out how to use it.

Possibly make the items passive abilities in the first place. I'm not sure if that would break the gameplay, but the only item I really used were the arrows you get from the third boss. I never used the shield, and I only properly utilized the smoke once, and it was unintentional.

When the second boss "heats up" I couldn't see his remaining health. I'm not sure if he had a second health bar like the last boss or that was a bug. I also couldn't see his health when fighting the trio.

In the penultimate level, there are blue zones that propel the player around in various directions. However, one of them simply lowers the gravity, and it looks the same as the one that shoots the player upwards. It's not a huge deal, but I would recommend distinguishing the two of them through something simple like a slight recolor.

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ah, i had figured some of the things were intentional but i wasn't sure. goes to show how well the atmosphere is nailed imo

loneliness was found thru "special" methods :)

just beat the game, or at least most of it - i can't get the "loneliness" input in the name prompt to do anything. overall i thought it was a really unique experience and certainly worth the price.

however i do have some issues with the design of the game and encountered a few bugs. it's all nothing major but they might be something to consider:

  1. the room with the strung up corpses - the floor often disappears for a few seconds
  2. the "not to see" achievement either needs to have a clearer trigger or not be random. having to replay that one section of the game over again was tedious, and i ended up editing the .ini file on my second playthrough
  3. kinda disappointed that the first half of the game was virtually unaltered - running around collecting keys isn't very interesting (everything after that is pretty awesome, the shopping mart area was especially cool)
  4. the phonograph noises were confusing. i would hear one to the left, and no matter how much i turned the direction of the noise wouldn't change
  5. the third valve room with large white face needs to redesigned. i liked the idea but being able to sprint halfway through it killed the tension since large white face is so slow. large white face itself was quite glitchy and had a very hard time navigating the walkways, on my second playthrough i never saw it at all. you can also walk to where the chair and the noose are, and from there it seems you can walk into the abyss/out of the level boundaries.
i think there might be a few more things but that's all i can immediately recall. excellent game regardless