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Really love this game

one of th
Scariest game ive played in a while

Super interesting game, love this style

Really great game, feels like a fresh concept

I really like this style you should make some more games! 

I really enjoyed this game! Will there be a follow up? or some type of continuation? 

Loved this game

This was awesome

I really like the concept of this game and I cant wait for more

If anyone wants to watch the cliff notes meme version

Can't  wait for full

Fun game, that ending was so stressful

is there no volume? Also after you pick up the flashlight idk what to do cause it only says you need to still pick it up

I had a lot of fun with this one, trying to grow my channel so if anyone wants to pop on over i'd appreciate it! 

Super good game

This game is a step above the recent games i've played

Was fun

Goofy playthrough

Phenomenal Game

is game

It's a funny game

This is a sort of memey playthrough, lil bit of fun if you want the quick version 

I may have said some choice words about the game but I really did have fun playing this game and only said dumb things for the joke

This game was a stupid amount of fun, I had to cut a lot of the parkour cause I said a few choice words about it. But otherwise it was a blast. 

This game was fun!

The game is well made and fun but it definitely left me wanting more, the models and map were impressive though!

This game is a bunch of fun, its got so much charm to it. If anyone wants to take the time to support my channel I would really appreciate it! 

Loved this game, super unique. I'd love a longer or more fleshed out version of this but for what it is this game is really special. 

Had a lot of fun with this game, got genuinely scared. Once things start happening I had goosebumps the whole time. Can't wait for a full version. 

I have had such a blast with this game, I finished the game, but not like all the secrets and stuff, if anyone figures out how to use the purple card can they let me know? What a blast though. I'm uploading videos in parts because it's a longer game but here's the link to my playlist! Should have all the parts up soon!

One of the most well made games i've played recently! If anyone wants to see my playthrough of it here it is! Any support is appreciated trying to grow a channel!

This is definitely my favorite short horror experience so far. If you want to see me play it here's the video any support is appreciated!

Gave the game a go! I honestly loved it. I'd love a more fleshed out full game. 

Just finished it! Even though its buggy I freaking loved this game! If anyone is bored enough to check out my video and channel here it is and any support is appreciated!

I had a stupid amount of fun playing this one, I don't think I spent enough time exploring the upper floor. I really love the premise though. Here's my playthrough of it! Any support is greatly appreciated!

I gave this game a go and I had a lot of fun with it, I was dumb and didn't grab the syringe on my first try. I love games with these kind of graphics. If you want to see my playthrough of it here it is! Any support is really appreciated!

Had a lot of fun, think the story is a bit confusing but enjoyed in anyway. Here's my playthrough of it any support is greatly appreciated! 

This game is fantastic! Had so much fun. Simple yet effective.