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the one that increases armor penetration and then deals a percentage of hp at 100% armor pen goes down from 11% to 9% when ur tempering it first time

also just unlocked every monster love this game lol

OMG omg omg

A couple things I love:

-> button for a glossary of terms with specific descriptions

->destructibles don't give you loot

->message clarifying destructibles don't give you loot

->weapon / ability design

->amulets change your skin

->the developer of this game

Holy gem of this is awesome

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Awesome work man!  Works perfectly for me, have to make sure to uncheck the 2d extras folders and get the 2d extras preview package through the package manager, and then only import the tilemapautorule folder from this package.  

Update : build error because the %if UNITY_EDITOR's #end_region is inside the class rather than outside it.

Best tool ever

thanks for letting me know, i tried checking the Windows icon by the zip, so if you're on Windows maybe that'll make it show up for you

fantastic love it

Ah yeah the took it down a while back for some kinda compliance i'll remove it.


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*oh nvmd you already had it tagged correctly

Guess i got "enough depression to actually play" hahaha, I had a good time though nice little project haha.  Game got fun when I started mixing all the abilities together

Amaaaaazing sounds, music and vibe.

Lot going on wasn't really sure what I was doing a lot of the time, but cool seeing the field come together and the vast amount of content

This is genius

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Looks great guys good work love the little wavy audience guys

Favorite game I've found on here for sure is it still going?

Really missing the sound- would probably be worth it to add some placeholders for your next prototype it really transforms a game.

Lighting and vibe is on point, love how you introduce new rooms by suddenly turning the lights on.  makes hallways kinda scary :D

Really hard to know where I'm shooting, Idk if it's the turn speed or the small cursor  or what but it's really annoying to try to aim right now.  I like the pistol because you can aim by shooting, but with the shotgun you don't shoot often enough to aim this way.  giving the character a laser pointer could be really helpful.

Bug where you get stuck when you touch a wall is pretty annoying to work with but I'm sure it'll be gone in the final.

love the look of the wall arm guy, but I'm confused if I'm doing less damage by attacking him in the front, I'd think so, but the turn speed on the aim makes it so annoying to try to turn around fast that I just attack him from the front anyway

Great prototype fellas looking forward to see where it goes

I'll buy this on Android

love this game so much

constant "overused" message is really distracting and annoying when you're just learning the ropes.

really caters to my desire to be clever and fancy in games though. ill be following this thing