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Having a lot of trouble with the second breakable wall and the monster. Often he grabs me in really weird positions and throws me in a seemingly random direction. Sometimes the way I was coming, other times the opposite way. The movement is a bit weird, not bad but moving up and down feel different, so maybe making that feel  the same. Cool concept, cool character, wonky mechanics.

This is really cool man, I have yet to see anyone else try this and get far with it. I am currently trying to make something similar to this as well! Good luck if you ever get back to it.

this is really cool. seems pretty close to a pretty full game if there were some bigger goals to work towards

This game looks gorgeous. I'd love to know how you did the art, is it like pixel filtering or something?

pretty fun and simple game. my only critique would be for better pathing since I constantly got stuck with no exits in a room and had to keep regenerate which in turn resets score.

I believe your dms are not set to public on Twitter so if you want to follow me back or set them to open then I will hit you up, name is similar to here just full first name, @benjaminlloyd50

hey, recently purchased this and wanted to pm you about maybe getting more sprites from you. let me know if you are interested. :)