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Is it bad that almost all my wins were with 1 heart left? ;)

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Definitely a cool concept, I think it needs to be a smaller board at first and have remappable controls. Also, I think starting with 5 tools is too much, it makes the game too easy. Can't wait to see a more full version.

I...LOVE IT!!! I don't want it to end. Please continue the story.

Played for 5 seconds and ran out of memory

The butler asked to take the rest of the day off, twice in the same day. Don't really know if this counts as a bug, but thought I'd throw it out there.

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Trying to go down from Sewers 1 to Sewers 2, the game fades to black and freezes. Upon reload, I am still on Sewers 1 and all my skeletons are gone (I am using the Necromancer). Sorry, but I can't give you the error because my school has blocked it on our Chromebooks. Also, the music still plays.