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I've played about an hour of the new version and it has  improved a lot. Two things I will say were bad changes. I seem to stall way too quick compared to the last version. I can stall within like 3 sec of no throttle even when flying level and the stall mechanic is still a bit janky. this might be something to change because low throttle is crucial to turn-fighting and when I get pushed down by the stall in the middle of a dogfight it's quite irritating. Also the enemy missile indicator, I mean like the little yellow or red hexagon is too hard to see now and changes sizes. Just makes it harder to avoid missiles. (thanks for adding flares back though)Keep up the good work!

If you hold the target select button while you have an enemy plane targeted, the camera will lock onto it.

My steam vr client booted up on launch

......... will there be vr support?

I also think cockpit mode helps, i dont know why. I finally beat clear skies but it took me like 20 tries.

Thanks for the reply! Sorry I was so harsh, just came off the mission failed screen. Keep up the good work!

he removed it for some reason

This dev needs a lesson in level design. You don't introduce the player to a game with an unbeatable first level. I play flight sims all the time and this has confused me. I played the previous version and really enjoyed it, I was looking forward to the next update... but it is too difficult. maybe make the standard missiles more agile and reintroduce flares. anyways my point is that this is not "first level" gameplay. try to create a tutorial level for newcomers. I suspect this difficulty has turned some people away.