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number 6 I like the cheetah print 

this is probably the best thing I’ve found on

New Haven community · Created a new topic Updates?

is this still being worked on?

so quick thank you!!!

download button?

can’t wait for each one

amazing even better then the first one!

very well done can’t wait for updates 

when is the next update?

Are you going to change your other games to not require flash?

why can’t I download this?

hunter or Arron 

why only pay pal or am I not seeing right?

is there an update version that’s a bit more clearer. I keep getting Noah or Oscar & Freind 

Thanks for the feed back. I would think about options to change the postions. Just a freindly nudge.

Are all of the routes the main character is the top in every one

How far along are the routes chasing Judes route it ends quickly so I’m curious are the other about the same are you focusing character by character? Love the game just curious. 

I feel there are too many downloads I understand some are exclusive but you could compile them by their price les of a hassle for viewers. I could also can’t find which download is the beginning and the continuation.