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Ah! Thanks for the catch. Should be an easy fix. I'll get that sorted out!

Hey there! I don't have any immediate plans to work on this particular project, especially since I'm in active development of Doors, but that said I do have a soft spot for this one and I'd love to go back to it sometime in the future. I'll definitely post a devlog update if and when I climb back into the saddle. Thanks for the follow!

Ahahaha well, Avery is chock-full of tricks. So stay tuned. ;)

Doors [Demo] community · Created a new topic Road Map
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Hi all,

So here are my immediate plans for the next few months. I'll scratch them off here as I accomplish them.

February 2021  👀

Narrative Goals

  • Start writing out the first game world.
    • (STILL!) Currently working on this.

Design Goals

  • Fully populate the stat screen & character screens.
    • The completed stat screen is now on its first iteration.
    • The character screens are still in hardcore alpha mode.  🙃
      • A redesign is still in the cards, along with some exciting additions!
  • Design a mobile-friendly interface. (Toward end of July, probably)
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First: be careful with this section, there may be spoilers!

Here's the bug report sticky. If you've got a bug post it here. Thanks for playing!


February 2021

  • No known bugs in the current build. If you have one, you can report it here.

Known Issues

  • The game doesn't work well on mobile currently. It's on my to-do list (check out the roadmap for more info).

Awesome! Thanks!

I played the game with a friend and had a great time with it, by the way!

Excited to play this later today! Maybe it's helpful to put the list of required items for this game in the initial description, though?