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Amazing find! If I get around to visiting my parents I'll have a look around for any old games -- I never had a GameKid, just a GameKid Color, so my game of nostalgia is Hero of Zeanad II

Ah, such a temptation then! I'll check if my FLGS will order it and support a fellow Canadian -- I can absolutely do with another (real) fake ad! 

Hi again! I am considering getting the hardcover version -- are there any changes from the paperback version? For example, I see there are solo rules being developed, will those be in the hardcover but not the paperback edition? Thanks!

That's very kind, thank you! 

Ah okay! I was scrolling everywhere trying to figure out where that was, but it was right at the top *facepalm*

Oh, what discord is this?

I'm a crowdfunding backer, and was wondering if I can get access on itch as well? Just a lot more convenient for me!

A cosy game with really lovely illustrations and a simple set of rules! 

Loved the previous editions of Rune! Just wondering if there will be an English version released for v2? Thanks!

Absolutely love this! The art, layout, evocative entries... Love that the first entry covers demonologists too!

Looks absolutely lovely! From the art to the page layout to even font choice, it forms a cohesive cosy little game i look forward to playing with my little one ("solo"-ing together)

*gasp* can't believe my name was recognised! I hope it helps you enjoy your games! 

Brilliant, thank you! I'll link it on the project page too

Thank you for the feedback! I'll add a couple of links to the page right away!

I'm definitely looking forward to expanding the toolkit in the future! Right now, unfortunately, dealing with "real life" takes up so much time and energy that these laying out these three cards were all that I could squeeze in time for.

Thank you so much! I made them for myself, really, but it is surely my hope that others find them useful

Thank you for the comment! In addition to the screenshot posted (it's only one page, after all!), I've just added the list of oracles in the project page.

Penflower Ink has 6 more matching character art pieces! It'll be cool to see how they might fit into Nexalis =))

Brilliant! This is absolutely something i've thought of doing (but secretly hoped someone more talented than me did) and i'm glad i stumbled across it! Look forward to more system-agnostic stuff like this! 

Love the graphical update to an already great game/tool! 

Just wanted to point out a typo in the main PDF: clubs diamonds for pages 14 and 17.

Looks amazing! Thank you for offering this for free/PWYW!

Gorgeous game! Very meticulously laid out with beautiful illustrations... i can tell that a lot of work has gone into writing this!

Small question: just wondering if there's a reason that successes are 3's instead of 6's?

It's not complete, but i'd like to participate in the jam, so here's a barebones alpha version to be expanded on later!

As someone who left home (Singapore) a handful of years ago, and feels... displaced when "visiting" home, both Homebound and this playthrough hit hard. Perhaps a little too close to home (pun not intended) at times, but i think in a good way. It's nice to know that there are others feeling a similar sort of way... thank you for sharing.

I look forward to reading parts 2 and 3.

Stunningly gorgeous! A meditative take on journeys that could (in my opinion) be directly adapted to a Zelda-like world.

My assumption is that if we're using clackety dice (instead of paper dice), we'd be rolling a d10? 

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Gorgeous! Thank you for this (and all the previous) Gonan art pack!

2400 community · Created a new topic JHBC is my favourite!
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I was already in bed winding down when the most recent update dropped, but i was curious to see what new thing(s) Jason added. When i saw it was TMNT JHBC, i immediately got out of bed to download it so i could devour it immediately. It didn't exactly help with winding down, as i got more excited and pleased with section i read. Every bit of writing sparked my imagination of how well it'd play at the table: holding and using chips, super simplified resting rules, different battle styles (can't wait to name new moves), and of course every single entry on the back page of random tables. Definitely can imagine some meetings with a certain Bryce West when he's haunting the streets in costume. *chef's kiss* Can't wait to play with my kid when she's older!

I've been a big fan of TMNT growing up, and there's something about a superpowered young adult teams that is just the right mix of ingredients for a fun session of storytelling. There'll probably be a lot of Masks being played with 2400 for me now. It feels like there's enough versions of fantasy and scifi systems and not enough supers, at least for my tastes. There's SO MUCH packed into this version of 2400 that i'm wondering (and hoping) if there could be a future 2400 game just to add more for JHBC or 2400 supers in general.

Heading over to read the devlog now to see how this amazing game was made!

What a simple and amazing way to spice up any character's background! A clean yet gorgeous layout makes it easy to use at the table

Amazing art and game! Just wondering if the physical prints from Exalted Funeral will be the same as this PDF? Or will there be changes? Thanks!

Maybe silly, but i think best of 7 should be 4, not 5. Page 13, skill challenges.

I love the art, design, and premise -- and thank you for making it free! The thing i'd like to give feedback on (please don't take it as criticism!) is that i'm struggling to read the body text in that font as it's quite condensed and all-caps. 

Such a lovely little game, i can totally see this being played solo, just playing out a little fairy-tale story as both narrator and merfolk. Would love to see more from you! 

Yup, found it, thanks!

Thanks! It'd be great if we're allowed to make a copy in google sheets, as downloading it messes up the formatting (even on re-upload to sheets)

"BOTTOM TEXT" made me smile

That makes sense!

I've been using half-letter instead of A5, as i reasoned that printing half-letter on A5 gives wider gutters while printing A5 on half-letter gives wider top and bottom margins. Somehow, that translated in my non-design-trained head as being a nicer whitespace to aid reading. Does that make sense, or am i just overthinking it? Either way, thanks for the gorgeous template!

Love this, thanks for putting it together!

Love this! Short descriptions but really packed with flavour

If i buy from your webstore, will i also get access to the digital version here? Thanks!

Just bought this because (a) it's rad, and (b) it's awesome! I heard that there might be an upcoming reprint coming, and was wondering if there will be changed and/or new content in the new edition? Thanks!