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Just bought this because (a) it's rad, and (b) it's awesome! I heard that there might be an upcoming reprint coming, and was wondering if there will be changed and/or new content in the new edition? Thanks!

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I really like the premise of Banda's Grove, but i've personally found it hard to read with the typewriter-style font! Would it be perhaps possible to make the main body text a more readable font and keep the typewriter style for headings or something else? Thanks!

Edit: Never mind, just saw that the fonts will be switched up in the next devlog. Much appreciated!!

Ah okay! I'll probably houserule doubles to be double-highest instead, it's easier for me. 

So excited to read/play Exiles! Even its current "hacky presentation" looks sleek and polished


100% recommend. 

This is one of the RPGs I frequently turn to for inspiration. It takes a familiar action resolution roll (from Blades in the Dark) and extends it to... basically everything. I especially love how travel and exploration are emphasised, it's often overlooked outside of OSR-like games and Wildsea shows how to do it in a more narrative-oriented system, providing enough mechanical crunch without bogging gameplay down. 

The vibe of the setting is like a jungle version of Sunless Sea/Skies, and it has the two of my all-time fave character species: Ektus (beefy cacti) and Mothryn (raggedy moths). Absolutely packed to the brim with amazing landscape and character art.

Lots of GM and player advice, too, which I can see being taken into any RPG. How to think about scenes and montages, how to participate in conflicts even if you're not a typical fight-y character, etc. Even has a section on how to play solo/GM-less, which is a big plus for anyone looking to play Forged in the Dark games that way.

I've been wanting a paper copy ever since its crowdfunding campaign, and if the stars align this year, perhaps I'll finally be able to have it on my shelf!

CM is really lovely! Just wanted to ask if the double 1 result is chosen for criticals because there are times that d4 and d8 are rolled (instead of d6)? Or is there perhaps another reason?

The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous!

Very cool! Looks like a simplified and genre-agnostic version of City of Mist, which is something I've been thinking about myself... Can't wait to see the final product! 

It was so fun watching this be designed/written, and it looks great as a finished product! 

This is an excellent direction to take, can't wait to see what you do with the "wrong" parts! I love the short 1-2 page sections and boxed elements, the clean yet gorgeous graphic design makes this really easy to browse and read.

This tome is so evocative with its setting, a crazy amount of art, and wagons (wagons!), it's an absolute joy. The first nine chapters describe a colourful world to play in, filled with 200+ pages of interesting places, faces, and potential story hooks... and it's pretty much system-agnostic, too (a plus for me!). This sets up a pretty ripe sandbox that incentivises travelling to interesting locales and delving in dangerous places. Chapters 10-13 (species, classes, wagons, magic items/spells) are more 5e specific, but even then they're filled with lovely things to use with your system of choice. 

Whether you play 5e or not, if you like anthropomorphic animals, a colourful sandbox-friendly setting, and wagons (wagons!), do pick this up!

Love this so much! It's exactly the style of art I was looking for!

If you are interested in making more, it'd be great to have more scenes with a character (or two or three) in the foreground, perhaps with or without creatures (like Kiki and her cat, Totoro at the bus stop, Mononoke and her wolf). I must say that the silhouetted characters in this pack 1 are perfectly fit to the style, and I'm not sure if AI is able to generate creatures to match! Either way, love your work!

Such an evocative and emotional game... Thank you for making it!

Cuter than Ewoks!

There's an excellent resource below for playing 24XX games solo (Mons is derived from 24XX). I personally find the play loop/procedure in the Push SRD (see chapters Creating and Running your game), to fit solo games perfectly, and you can fit them around any set of game rules. Both are free! Hope this helps!

Thank you for making these wonderful games! =))

Just wanted to ask if this is usable with Hex Kit? Thanks!

This v2 font choice looks nicer! One minor issue is the character kerning in the index (last page in the pdf) looks a little off. 

That's amazing! A large variety of genres, and all very evocative. Thanks so much for sharing!

That was part of what i intended! My mind keeps going back to Drizzt and Guenhwyvar, and the variety of things they do outside of combat. My personal use for Mons will be Pokémon-ish but with less focus on battling and sharing the game space for more... exploring, bonding, growing, interacting with various denizens. I hope that design intent came through!

(Btw I really enjoy the region building in your Pokémon Tales!)

Thank you! That took a bit of head scratching before i decided that was the method i liked most!

110% yes, please share what you make if you'd like to!

Thank you for the kind words! I look forward to hearing more about how the games go!

is it okay to say that i'm in love with the character sheet? it's so good that i might just use it for all my games moving forward! 

Thank you! Kiwis were on my shortlist for the Etymon form table, but were unfortunately cut (36 is so restrictive!), but feel free to use kiwis whenever! Perhaps a Fire-Mind kiwi, or a Beast-Rune kiwi, all the possibilities!

I've been thinking about how to reconcile the use of traits (freeform-y words or phrases) and skills in 24XX (in a different way from how 2400 does), and you've managed to do it very elegantly!

That's great to hear! Of course, there could always be hacks of hacks!

Hi! Just wondering if it must be strictly Pokemon, or could it be Pokemon-inspired/adjacent? I was thinking of doing something in the genre of kid+creature (also Digimon, His Dark Materials), and wasn't considering labelling it as specifically Pokemon 

So i've been on a FitD reading binge, and stumbled across this... it's crazy to think this is still in alpha as the graphic design is so slick: stylish and clean! This alpha is better-looking than most completed games out there!

I've only skimmed so far, but the vibes are pulling me in and setting the right grim mood. Just looking at the play sheets, it's saying old school hexcrawl + Rimworld/Fallout Shelter, all harmonised through FitD-style rules. Excited to dig in!

One of my fave books + one of my fave games, just fantastic! I especially like how you've adapted the NDNM token system to something that makes in-world sense

Inspired by one of my favourite books, and one of my favourite games... Love at first sight!

That's so much awesomeness stuffed into just a few pages! Just a small thing to point out, in case it wasn't intentional -- Windswept/Soaring appears on both Wild Nature and Wild Form.

Look forward to seeing more stuff like this! 

Love it! The circular ones are my fave, so slick

Such a lovely layout! I can't imagine that i was looking at your page after hearing a recommendation for Caven, and minutes later i check in and see Rune pop up. Can't wait to have a read through and roll up some characters! 

Thanks for taking the time to do both pocketmod and screen versions! 

Character options... perhaps backgrounds? That could cover upbringing, culture, past careers (failed or otherwise), or any personally significant event? 

How about drive or motivation? Like a background, a drive gives a player some prompts to fall back on as "default" or "instinctive" when they're not sure what to do.

Perhaps more classes? I am personally a fan of the monk (punchy!), summoner (final fantasy!), 4e's warlord (shouty!), investigator (sherlocky!), and gunslinger (hans solo-y!). But i would also understand if those don't fit your idea of what you'd like in your game!

Whatever you're most interested in making, that's what i'm most interested in seeing. 

Thank you for checking it out! =)

Mostly a jam of Into the Odd and Fate Core!

I love the Ghibli-esque aesthetic in the writing and design (it can surely be reinterpreted as more gritty and dark but why would anyone want that), and the design is so clean, colourful, and evocative!

Brilliant! Neatly laid out too, for ease of use.

Ah shucks... Thank you! Let me know if you have any feedback: what you liked or disliked or wish could be added, etc.