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lol! The game is probably full of exploits. Glad you had fun!

You can’t. Every decision you make is permanent :)

I’m not sure yet! It’s just an idea for now :)

I also wish it could lol! Sadly I didn’t make the art so I’m dependent on Kenney releasing assets. I might remake this game some time with my own art though.

Yeah sorry, there’s no gamepad support in any of the platforms.

No, sorry. You can download the windows/linux versions though

You can use SPACE to change to a new random shape and color, Q and E to rotate it and W and S to change the scale. Wouldn’t make it so that you can choose the shape because that’d ruin the point of the app, but there’s still plenty of control!

Thanks a lot for playing them.

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Thanks! Glad you liked it

(1 edit) Make art out of randomly generated shapes and share them with anyone.


Glad you’re liking it!

also godot ftw

lol my friends also loved the jumping enemies, we call them bouncy crabs. and thanks a lot for such an extensive comment!

No, sorry…

I don’t have my PC rn to play any games sadly

Thanks a lot!

Thanks! Yeah I noticed that was a pretty good strategy. I first tried making the top of the screen not solid so if you go above it you lose, but playtesters didn’t like that lol


wow that’s amazing


Survive the longest with your trusty bomb by killing creatures without even touching them. To help you, you have your dash. But be careful, it won’t make you invulnerable, it’ll just make you faster.


That’s up to your imagination! This is kind of a sandbox, so do whatever you want. There’s no determined scale. And about the different houses, I don’t think I’ll be updating the game any time soon, sorry. It takes time to do so.

Thank you!

Hi! About your edit, if you’re on PC you can press “R” to restart the camera to the center of the screen. If the issue continues lmk.

About your original question, I’m not sure what you mean.

Hi! Thanks for playing. There’s no way to move a block, sorry. Once you place it, it’s permanent.

That’s a good point! Idk what I was thinking

If you press shift you can use WASD to move. Also right/middle mouse click and drag also works.

Thanks for all the games! Your games are some of the best on

Wow! That’s one of the prettiest worlds I’ve seen

Makes sense!

Thanks! Glad you liked it. I will wait for your update!

Overpowered. It’s just they give a LOT of points lol.

New update is great! I love the little particles when placing stuff. The gems and coins are a little bit too OP but that may be on purpose. Good job on the post-jam update!

That’s really weird. What browser are you using?

It didn’t save? That’s weird. Do you have cookies enabled?

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Hi! Cute world you’ve built. I plan to add more buildings later, especially now that Kenney released a new pack with desert tiles 👀.

I made a card that would delete stuff but eventually removed it because I feel like I want one of the challenges of the game to be that you can’t delete anything. I’ll probably add though a “new world” button that appears after a certain amount of money is reached and will create a new world from scratch with a points per seconds multiplier, kinda like prestige in Cookie Clicker.

Glad you liked it!

YOOO. Congrats!


It works fine for me. Is it deleting all of your progress? Do you have cookies enabled?

I’m pretty sure it should be working in browser?

Cool game! I don’t feel like it fits the theme that much, but it’s okay. One thing I would suggest is hiding the upgrades until the player is about halfway the price needed for them, and also maybe make the button have a different state when you don’t have enough money to buy the upgrade.