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lovely! both aesthetically pleasing and super fun to play. got here from a coworker having it open on a work computer & will now be passing the link on to my puzzle-loving gf :) here's hoping they can help me get better than a C! <3

genuinely i am having the time of my fucking LIFE playing this after qfs @ ucsc. having to tear myself away to get some sleep. absolutely love this

thanks so much!! i'm able to play it now ^_^ 

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I might not know video games--I think it got stuck. I checked the doors and then under the bed, and the game came up with check the closetcheck under the bed / check the closet... meaning that it's stuck and I'll have to start over. (It won't let me pick any of the options, and the bottom one is just the top one repeated instead of saying the thing about doors.) Unless that's how it ends?? I could be wrong ;^^

This is so funny! I've got all the main endings; now to figure out the secret ones...

So beautiful!! Used everything you could; the art is gorgeous and the text is so sincere and the story is touching and the music is so perfectly suited. 

This was so fun!!! I got the True End. I love the idea that there are different ones; I want to replay soon and see what else I can get.

This is so cute!!! It was such a good time. Realistic and fun.